Green Delivers

Caggiano, South Italy, 3 - 13 May 2017

In May 2017 I travelled to Italy for participating in an Erasmus+ project together with 25 students from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Macedonia and Ukraine. The project was about sustainability, environment, local economy and healthy lifestyles. We were guests in Caggiano, a cosy hamlet lying on the top of a mountain in Campania.

I ran upon this project while surfing my social media feed. At some point I saw an advertisement about Green Delivers, and I informed about it. Luckily for me, there was still space for a participant. I got in contact with my team and started preparing the trip. 

Together with my "Dutch" team (consisting of a Lithuanian, an Ukranian, a Georgian, a Frisian and me) I arrived in the urban jungle of Napels on the 3rd of May. We ate pizza and took a walk to the harbor before taking the bus to our destination: Caggiano. 

Picture: the view from Caggiano

Picture: the Salerno Duomo

The first few days we spent time on teambuilding and group bounding. Every national group organised a cultural night in which some of each national culture was introduced to the rest of the group. So we drank Spanish sangria, danced a traditional Ukranian dance and the Italian Tarantella, et cetera.

On the first night we were welcomed by the mayor of Caggiano, who opened up several locations for us to use during the project. An outside theater, a villa, a lunch room and several guest houses were at our desposal. When we got to know eachother, we started on the assignments. These varied from brainstorms to excursions and from presentations to a moot court. These activities were very inspirational and made me wonder what things I can do in my life back home in Holland to contribute. We also made several trips to a biological farm, an olive oil factory, a mozzarella farm, an eco-village, the Pertosa caves and to the coastal town of Salerno.

During the project I had some good talks about several subjects to my fellow group members from other countries. We discussed the environment, politics, ethics and religion. It is a wonderful experience to change thoughts with people from my own generation, but from a different cultural background. 

I would like to spend a few words of thanks. At first I want to express my gratitude to the entire organisation of Green Delivers. To Bogdan and Carmine in particular: keep up the good work! You are doing a very precious job by connecting people from different countries and by making them aware of the world, eachother and themselves.

Secondly, I would like to thank Youth for Mobility for making it possible for Dutch students to participate in these projects. I hope you will get more exposure for your activities, so that more of the Dutch youth can experience the same as I did in Caggiano.

I am also very gratefull to the community of Caggiano for all their hospitallity to our group during the project. I especially want to thank Mario, who - without speaking one word of English - managed to keep up the spirit of the entire group. Of course I must not forget to thank the mayor of Caggiano, cheff Giovanni, the bartender of the Sky Bar, the knitting lady, the happy dogs on the square and many others who embraced our group into their community.

And finally I must thank all the participants. I am truly blessed by having met all of you. I am certain that I have met a few new friends in Caggiano and that I will meet some of you again. I am gratefull for our jokes and conversations untill deep in the night at the Sky Bar. Know that my door is always open to you!


Picture: the Pertosa caves